Lavínia Romera

Freelance Scientific Writer and Science Communicator | Pathophysiologist | Founder of Izi Ciência | Creating stories to communicate science

My projects

I am an aspiring freelance medical writer who loves to turn scientific content into something that everyone can understand

Freelance writer for the PreScouter blog.

Founder and science writer of IZI Science (in development) - breaking paradigms to connect science with your life.

Volunteer in the Social Media sector at AMO Acalentar - developing texts with scientific evidence in a humane way.

I have written my first children's book about vaccines - The Defensor Soldier and Vaccines.

What I Do

- Medical-science writing, science communication, content creation for blogs and social media
- Editing, proofreading, and creative-humanised translation from English to Portuguese, and Portuguese to English
- Science literacy and children’s book creation